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or call us: Paul - 07921 779852 or Leigh - 07970 688007

or call us: Paul - 07921 779852 or Leigh - 07970 688007

Paul Haworth 5th Dan
mob 07921 779852

Started Martial arts at the age of 6yrs old in Karate. He achieved his first black belt at the age of 13yrs . Searching for new skills and competition he moved on to Tae Kwon do where he studied until he reached his 2nd Dan Blackbelt. During this time he studied Kai Zen do where he also gained a 2nd Dan Blackbelt. Realising his dream to have his own club, he decided in September 2005 to start Star Kickboxing. 

Paul became a pro Kickboxer and decided to share his wealth of knowledge where he has trained many students from beginner to World Champion. In all Star Kick Boxing under the leadership of Paul has achieved sixteen World Titles across many organisations. Paul has in this time been promoted to 5th Dan Kickboxer. Paul also teaches ABA boxing from beginner to a very high level .

Leigh Haworth 5th Dan
mob 07970 688007

Started with Paul (his son) in Karate where he he assisted in instruction and achieved his 1st kyu. Following Paul in his search for competition and hunger for knowledge Leigh moved on to Tae Kwon do where he reached his 2nd Dan and became an instructor. Opportunities to learn Kai Zen do came where Leigh gained his 2nd Dan and taught again as an instructor. Paul and Leigh quickly realised their dream was to have their own club and this is where they gave birth to Star Kickboxing. In this time Leigh has been promoted to 5th Dan Kickboxing. Leigh is also an ABA boxing coach.

Jermaine ( Jammy Dodger ) Robinson 2nd Dan
mob 07951 035954

Jam has been with Star since 2013 where he came along and quickly discovered it was for him working hard and achieving his 2nd Dan. 

He has not only fought for Star on many occasions achieving several belts such as Gbbu novice light weight champion, Gbbu Southern Area lightweight champion, Gbbu International lightweight Champion, 2019 Silver Medalist WKO 5 Nations Championships.He has become a very popular instructor know for his explosive energy levels. 

Jam has his own Tuesday ABA boxing classes and Saturday morning kickboxing  classes where he has opened a 4yrs to 6yrs group little Stars. Little Stars is also on Tuesdays.

Vaughn Winn 2nd Dan

Vaughn has trained with us since 2005 and has reached his 2nd Dan recently. Vaughn teaches the late night classes on Monday and Wednesday in beginners K1 Kickboxing where he teaches leg kicks and knee strikes and Dutch drills . Vaughn’s classes are ideal for those who cannot make the earlier classes and who wish to concentrate on K1 style fighting.

Gary Parker ( Stretch ) 1st Dan mob 07931 815582

Gary as taught many classes at Star and has helped Star reach out to Bexley where he has built a thriving club on his own merit. His club opens up new opportunities for students to train and grade between our two locations.

Georgia Courteney 1st Dan

Georgia is a third generation kickboxer being Pauls daughter. Georgia is proficient in boxing and kickboxing. Georgia teaches the very popular Ladies only classes.